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Art Direction and creation of a series of 26 posters commissioned for Wimbledon 2017.

In 2017, I was commissioned to produce a series of posters for the next Wimbledon tournament.
The posters were to depict key moments of the tournament and convey the “Heritage“ and “Tradition“ spirit of this century-old institution.  The 26 posters would have to be signed off printed and then displayed in the corridor leading to the VIP Lounge.

My approach was to create a "Hall of Fame“ feel by using previous champions' portraits to reveal the moment of their victory as if they were remembering it. The Wimbledon team really took on to this idea and to the feeling created by all of these portraits side by side. They were so happy with the result that they signed an exclusivity contract with WME IMG (now Endeavour) to produce all further creative materials. 

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