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Art Direction and creation of a series of 26 posters commissioned for Wimbledon 2017.

In 2017, I was entrusted with the task of creating a collection of posters for the upcoming Wimbledon tournament. These posters aimed to capture pivotal moments from the tournament while effectively embodying the institution's rich heritage and deep-rooted traditions. 


A total of 26 posters needed to be designed, approved, printed, and ultimately showcased in the corridor leading to the exclusive VIP Lounge.

My approach involved crafting an atmosphere reminiscent of a "Hall of Fame." This was achieved by using portraits of previous champions, unveiling the moments of their victory as if they were reliving it. The Wimbledon team enthusiastically embraced this concept, appreciating the collective sentiment conveyed by these portraits placed side by side. 


They were so pleased with the outcome that they entered into an exclusive contract with IMG for the production of all forthcoming creative materials.

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