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Role: Senior UX/UI Designer
Team: 1x Product Owner, 1x Senior UX Architectect, 2x Developpers, 1x QA Tester


Design a native app to help partner businesses plan trips, book events and find places in visiting cities.

For this project, a full user research had already been conducted and its insights were provided to us by the Hilton team. These insights defined the main areas of focus:

Hilton Hub allows HR to book everything for their employees while giving them visibility and allowing them to collect loyalty points or for the employees to do the booking and have all expenses recorded in one place.

Planning a business trip is often cumbersome.
Either the employees book the flights and hotel themself and then the struggle is with them having to expense it to their company, or HR books everything with the company account and then the issue is for the employee to have all the details in one place, collect air miles and HH points.

While travelling it can be a challenge to organise work colleagues outside of client meetings. Hilton hub enables business travellers to book a space at Hilton hotels and invite their team to join for meeting preparations or de-briefs.

Business travellers have little time to explore unknown cities and often don't know where to start. Hilton Hub hand-picks the best local bars and restaurants to ensure travellers can also enjoy the little spare time they have.

One of the issues we identified early on was that business travellers often only know the colleagues they are travelling with or the clients they are meeting through email.

Hilton Hub helps people connect through different channels to streamline communication within teams and with clients alike.

As mentioned before email is often the only way to communicate during business trips but it has proved to not be the quickest or most efficient way to get answers.

As Hilton Hub allows to connect people through different channels it then becomes easy to allow them to text or call each other without giving away personal information.

The initial feedback received by the stakeholders was really positive. Everyone seemed happy with the solution developed. A few months later the first set of data showed promising results.

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