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CRO project to increase on-site sales of the Samsung Galaxy Watch, by identifying and removing our shopper's hurdles.


Role: Principal UX/UI Designer
Team: 1x Product Owner, 1x Senior UX Architect, 3x Developers, 1x QA Tester.


The Galaxy Watch generates the most revenue in the wearable category yet more than 50% of its sales happen through third parties (e.g. John Lewis, Carphone Warehouse, etc). Samsung wants to increase conversion on its website and increase its margins.

After reviewing the sales figures over the past 3 months, it became clear that our main priority should be the Galaxy Watch for maximum impact. 


Remarkably, the Galaxy Watch contributed to 82% of all wearables sales, with accounting for only 34% of those sales.

Our funnel analysis revealed three main buying journeys for the Galaxy Watch, all of which exhibited relatively low conversion rates compared to the industry average and other Samsung products (J1: 0.15%, J2: 0.34%, J3: 0.15%).


Additionally, we observed that converted customers typically interacted with an average of two other smartwatch models on the website.

6) Regrettably, the compare module is placed below the support section and compares two identical models along with one that only differs in size. Furthermore, users are unable to select any other Samsung smartwatch for comparison.

5) Then, we have a consumer support section, including user manuals and Live Chat. Our heat map analysis revealed that only a handful of users scrolled beyond this point.

4) Next, a section dedicated to providing information on the watch's technology and technical specifications. 


However, we believe that specifications for a tech product should be presented earlier, as many users might have overlooked this section entirely, while others might find the provided information insufficient.

3) The following section provides an explanation of the watch's functionality and unique selling propositions (USPs).

We noted that users need to scroll extensively to encounter this section, potentially leading to a significant number of users missing this crucial information.

During our site audit, we conducted a heuristic evaluation to identify any evident obstacles and  uncovered several issues:

1) The experience starts with the 'Buy Module' or 'Configurator' occupying the entire visible area.

Our assumption was that potential buyers might not be ready to make a purchasing decision at this stage, and some users may be unaware of additional content below.

2) The subsequent section aims to describe the watch's aesthetics, but only a limited selection of styles and wristband combinations are showcased. This fails to represent the full range and diversity of available options.


The initial results, obtained after two months of data, have been extremely promising.


The average time spent by shoppers on the Galaxy Watch PDP has significantly increased to 3 minutes and 49 seconds, compared to a mere 40 seconds in the previous version. 12% of shoppers who visited the PDP page added the Galaxy Watch to their cart, marking a remarkable 328% increase compared to the previous average of 3.6%. Moreover, of those who added the Galaxy Watch to their cart, 17% proceeded to purchase the watch, showcasing a remarkable 298% increase compared to the previous average of 5.7%.


The success of these results has prompted the implementation of the new designs on the French and Italian platforms.

Given time and budget constraints, conducting a complete cycle of user interviews and creating comprehensive personas was not feasible. Instead, we conducted 15 guerrilla testing sessions, extracting valuable insights that were then distilled into archetypes. These archetypes served as a foundation for our informed design decisions.

Drawing from both quantitative and qualitative research, we created a new experience with a clear goal: delivering the right information to the right user at the right time.

We have introduced a new footer that appears on every page, combining essential elements such as an FAQ section, a support section, and a site map.

We received consistent feedback during our research indicating that most users were not ready to make a purchase immediately upon landing on the Galaxy Watch page.


The buy module appeared too early, resulting in users overlooking the option to scroll down for more content.


Irrespective of user type, it became evident that they required additional information about the product before making a purchase decision.

To address this, we restructured the information into dedicated pages, each focusing on a specific information group and implemented a sub-navigation feature, enabling users to access the information that is most relevant to them.

We designed the 'Overview' page to serve as a central hub for navigation, providing users with a preview of the information they can expect when engaging with the 'Learn More' call-to-action.

As for the 'Researchers' and 'Spearfishers,' we have included a direct link to the full tech specifications page.

If they are not yet ready to proceed, we encourage them to continue their journey and explore the next step: the 'Galaxy Watch Experience'.

At this point, when the user has potentially developed a fondness for the style of the Galaxy Watch, it is an opportune moment to inquire whether they are prepared to make a purchase decision.

We incorporated a module that allows users to explore and experiment with various models and colour combinations, enabling them to find the style that best suits their preferences. 


This module serves as an opportunity to promote and upsell wristbands on the "Buy Now" page.

This page is designed for users seeking to embrace the captivating aesthetics of the watch. 


The Samsung Galaxy Watch stands out with its strikingly different look and feel compared to other smartwatches, featuring a more analogue design. Emphasising this unique selling point is essential.

As for the 'Researchers' and 'Spearfishers,' we have included a direct link to the full tech specifications page.

If users are not ready to proceed with a purchase, our aim is to encourage them to continue their journey and explore the next step: 'Galaxy Watch Performance.'

Here again, when the user has potentially developed a strong affinity for the benefits of the Galaxy Watch, it is an opportune moment to inquire whether they are prepared to make a purchase decision.

The next section highlights the profound impact the watch can have on users' health, encompassing features such as fitness tracking, heart rate monitoring, and sleep analysis.

The next section highlights the profound impact the watch can have on users' health, encompassing features such as fitness tracking, heart rate monitoring, and sleep analysis.

The initial section outlines the lifestyle benefits of owning a Galaxy Watch, including features such as music accessibility, call reception, and seamless calendar and reminder management.

Captivating the user's imagination and inspiring them to envision a life enhanced by the Galaxy Watch is a crucial step in driving conversion.

Our goal is to foster a genuine affection for the idea of a life assistant that streamlines and elevates every aspect of their daily life.

As for the 'Researchers' and 'Spearfishers,' we have included a direct link to the full tech specifications page.

When the user has shown unwillingness to buy one of the models, we want to guide them towards other aspects of the product in order to enhance their likelihood of conversion.

At this stage, the user might have gathered enough information on the Galaxy Watch so it is a good time to ask them whether they are ready to buy one of the models.

This page caters to the needs of tech-savvy users who seek to ensure their future watch meets their base requirements. 


It serves as a seamless bridge between the lifestyle experience and the comprehensive technical specifications. 


The page offers more detailed technical information to satisfy users who desire further insights beyond the 'Experience' page while ensuring it remains accessible and not overwhelming for users who don't require an exhaustive list of specifications.

Some users, particularly 'Spearfishers' and 'Researchers,' have demonstrated a strong need for accessing the comprehensive list of specifications when considering technological products.

The objective of this page is to present a well-organised and visually distinct list of all the technical specifications, employing a 'blueprint' aesthetic to further enhance the technical experience.

Another neglected aspect of the original site was the absence of a comparison feature that allows users to compare the Galaxy Watch models with other Samsung smartwatches.

Through our research, we discovered that most users who purchased a Galaxy Watch had also examined an average of two other smartwatch product detail pages (PDPs).


User testing further validated the critical nature of this step and the lack of existing solutions.

In response, we aimed to create a module that would enable users to effortlessly switch between products and facilitate an inline specification comparison.

The second part of the module provides an opportunity for potential buyers to ask specific questions to owners of the Galaxy Watch.

The module includes a feedback feed from individuals who have purchased and experienced the product.

Another underserved section is customer reviews.

Reviews hold significant importance for many users, as they serve to confirm their decisions. For the "Researchers" in particular, reviews are a vital step in their decision-making process. By incorporating on-site access to user feedback, we aim to simplify their research efforts, expedite the process, and strengthen brand confidence.

To streamline the implementation of this module, we leveraged the Reevoo API to retrieve and display user feedback directly on the site.

And an alternative module for users who are uncertain about the Galaxy Watch and wish to explore more options. Our aim is to encourage them to remain on our website and invest their money in a Samsung product.

An upsell module to showcase accessories for the Galaxy Watch that may interest our users.

A banner to outline what is included with the purchase of the Galaxy Watch.

The buy module should serve as the concluding phase of the purchasing experience rather than the initial or sole element presented to our users.

To optimize conversion, we aim to expose users to this module only when we believe they are likely ready to make a purchase.  


Above the fold, we included key user requisites:
- A model selector, allowing users to choose different models without having to navigate to a separate page.
- Clear USPs of purchasing directly on our website.

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